Foto da série Refugiados | Montanha Humana | Ilha de Lesbos, Grécia, 2015 © Mauricio Lima

Mithymna, Greece - November 7, 2015: At dusk, part of a huge pile of discarded life vests, inner tubes and deflated rubber dinghies, the basic equipment that thousands of refugees have using to cross the Aegean sea from Turkey toward the Greek island of Lesbos, are seen up in the mountains high above the coast near villagers houses, in Mithymna. Hundreds of thousands of refugees, mostly from Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, fled their homes, risking their lives in dangerous boat trips, illegal border crossings and long bus and train journeys, seeking asylum and a decent life in Western Europe and Scandinavia. The latest UN report from January 2015 estimated that more than 220,000 people had become fatal victims of the endless war in Syria. CREDIT: Photo by Mauricio Lima for The New York Times

Série vencedora dos prêmios Pulitzer e Overseas Press Club 2016.

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